Woman Who Faked Abduction Could Face 25 Year Sentence (L&C Daily)

Passenger Injuries, Who Is Liable?

Every day, people head to school, work, and various other types of appointments by means of trains, planes, private car, buses, ferry boats, and other types of vehicles. Many of these people are simply passengers who rely on others to get them safely from one location to another. In fact, nearly fourteen million Americans use some form on public transportation on a daily basis.

Auto Insurance Terms Defined: What Do They All Mean?

What do the various auto insurance terms refer to and should I purchase them? Here are some definitions. Bodily injury and property damage liability pays damages for which you are liable that result in injury or death, or for damage to the property of others. It also pays legal costs if you are sued. In some states this coverage is required.

Advice On Choosing The Right Solicitor For Your Car Accident Claim

Every year there are thousands of accidents on the roads in the UK, and every year many people struggle over how to go about making an accident claim without falling into some of the traps which can later cause problems. Whether you have been injured in a car accident as a driver, or as a passenger, or even as a cyclist or pedestrian, then you will certainly be able to make a claim, as long as the accident wasn’t your fault.

Personal Injury Compensation: Is It Justified?

Personal injury comes in many different disguises, it can happen to anyone at any time and strikes without warning. Accidental injury can affect anyone from any walk of life it does not discriminate between gender, age or colour. Personal injury can affect the course of your life completely or may just cause a short period of discomfort.

What Are My Legal Rights After an Auto or Motorcycle Accident?

If you have been the innocent victim of a traffic accident (or any other type of accident), you have rights which are guaranteed by law. Basically, you have the right to be put back in the same condition you were in before the accident occurred. This includes your physical, mental, and economic health, as well as restoring your automobile and any other personal property damaged by the carelessness or negligence of others.

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