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Does Worker’s Comp Get Paid Back From My Personal Injury Case or Settlement in Pennsylvania?

Yes, Worker’s Compensation does get paid back. In Pennsylvania, the Worker’s Compensation Act provides that in exchange for you being covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance if you are injured in the course of work, if it is the fault of someone else, Comp entitled to a “lien” against any settlement or recovery you get against the at-fault party.

Birth Injury Attorneys – Do You Need Them

Unfortunately, from amongst the thousands of normal uneventful child births that occur every day around the world, there are bound to be a small percentage of births that are abnormal. There are hundreds of reasons these abnormal births occur. A birth injury attorney specializes in reviewing the facts associated with the birth, and can help the parents understand the role the medical staff and hospital played in the injury.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

“Personal Injury Protection” (also known as “PIP”) is coverage purchased through your automobile insurance.  PIP  covers medical expenses and 80% of lost wages as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident.

The Myths of Automobile Liability Insurance – Part III of III

In the past two sections, I discussed how your car accident claim is handled prior to any lawsuit being filed. In this final section, I will discuss how your case is handled when a lawsuit is filed.

What Has Become of the Small Personal Injury Case?

The small personal injury case has disappeared. Find out the reason why!

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