Witness Questioned About Alleged Intoxicated Argument Between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Court Action Following a Car Crash

Assume it cannot happen to you? Think about for 1 minute about how lawsuit-mad America is. You can not grab a local newspaper nowadays with out reading about someone suing another person for… anything at all. You look at the article and think, “That’s insane. There is absolutely no way someone will be able to sue for this.”

James Zadroga Was the Perfect Rescue Ranger

The terrorist attack on United States’ World Trade Center has left heart rendering memories on everyone’s mind. Well, not just the tragic moments; but, this incident brought forward some heroic people, who cannot be forgotten at all. One of them was James Zadroga, who was a heroic police officer from New York Police Department.

Truck Accidents – How to Prevent It

The damages that a truck accident causes are usually life-altering, if not life-ending. According to statistics, truck accidents can lead to disproportionate number of serious injuries and fatalities because of the sheer size of the trucks. Florida ranks fifth in the United States with the highest number of deaths involving large trucks. Nearly 400 fatalities were documented in the state in recent statistics.

What to Expect From a Structured Settlement Broker

Structured settlement brokers come with all levels of expertise. Finding a capable broker (for plaintiff or defense), can take some digging. At a minimum, a broker should be a licensed health, life and disability insurance agent and carry Errors and Omission insurance coverage.

Using an Injury Claims Calculator

Falling victim to an accident can have devastating effects on your life. Many people feel embarrassed or intimidated about making a claim but there are many options to help, assist and ease the process, such as using an Injury claims calculator.

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