Whistleblower retaliation in California — How to fight back with a lawsuit against your boss

Knowing Your Options in Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful Deaths are some of the most troubling and difficult situations to sort through for the families of those who have lost their lives unnecessarily. It is therefore important to understand that these families have legal options available to them to recover justice and compensation from those at fault, helping to bring closure from the heavy burdens of a loss of a loved one, both financially and emotionally.

Is the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion in a Texas Workplace Injury Plan a Meaningless Exclusion?

Texas permits employers to opt out of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Program if they have an equivalent Workplace Injury Benefit Plan. This article examines whether the pre-existing condition exclusion in the Plan is a meaningless relic that can be removed without impacting coverage for employee injury or whether it should remain part of the Plan until the Supreme Court of Texas defines “injury” as an objectively supported condition or a subjective expression of pain.

Social Security Disability: The VE, the Foundational Source, and the Administrative Safeguard

This article discusses Vocational Experts and their role during Social Security Disability Hearings. Specifically, this article discusses Social Security’s policy with respect to Vocational Experts.

Know How to File Compensation Claim for Wrongful Death Through Personal Injury Solicitors

personal injury solicitors can come instrumental when someone wants to file a compensation claim for the wrongful deaths of one of his family members. Here below is a brief summary of how to use their service and other preconditions.

Defective Toys – Dangerous Play

A child’s joy is a delight to watch – most often than not this joy is driven by toys. And a child’s imagination & creativity is often triggered by these toys.

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