What is the “Good Samaritan Law” in California?

What Does ‘Pain and Suffering’ Mean In a Personal Injury Case?

“Pain and suffering” is a term often associated with personal injury lawsuits, but few people understand its meaning. From a legal standpoint, pain and suffering can be physical or mental.

Manual Swing Barrier Gate Injuries

MANUAL SWING BARRIER GATES – More dangerous than you would think. Why have so many injuries occurred? What are the reasons why these innocuous common devices have become life changing instruments of despair?

Medical Summaries In Brief

Medical Summary also referred to as Medical Chronology and Medical Synopsis is a document consisting of the events that have taken place in a patient’s treatment. Summarizing of medical records is a very important part of a personal injury, mass tort, nursing home abuse, long-term care, medical malpractice and allied cases. Here is a brief about medical summaries that one must know.


AUTOMATIC DOOR SERVICE PROVIDERS – How to Limit Your Liability If you run an active automatic door service company it is not a matter of IF you will be sued, it is a matter of WHEN! What every door service provider can do to proactively protect their business.

Construction Work Injury and Roadwork Injuries in Washington State – Can We Prevent Them?

Anyone who recently traveled through Tacoma in Washington knows that there’s a major construction zone on highway I-5. The construction site is on the road near the Tacoma Dome. The local municipality reduced the speed limit through this area to 50 miles per hour (mph) because of the construction project. Additionally, police officers are assessing double penalties for drivers exceeding the work zone speed limit.

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