What is an “exhibition of speed?” — Vehicle Code 23109 VC

Why Should One Hire an Attorney for A Slip And Fall Case?

If you are a victim of slip and fall injury, and don’t know how to get your claim resolved, hire a slip and fall attorney in Massachusetts today! Here are 3 reasons why you should hire one!

Know How a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Handles Compensation Claims

Hiring a lawyer is always better than being one’s own representative when filing a claim for compensation. They are the best person to properly represent the case as they fully understand the law and your legal rights.

A Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You Recover Financially!

Often, one may not understand the severity of a slip and fall injury, until weeks pass by. You may start feeling pain in the spinal cord or a paralyzing sensation in the lower back after a few days which could turn into a serious injury.

The Ups and Downs of Parking Lot Control Arms

THE UPS AND DOWNS OF PARKING LOT CONTROL ARMS – What every attorney needs to know about how they function, why they fail, and why someone was injured. Who is at fault, who is to blame, and what the industry standards are that affect the claim?

Hotel Room – Barn Doors Dangerous by Design – Best Left on Barns

Barn doors may be best left on barns. Sliding barn doors have been appropriate for barns for hundreds of years. Hotel rooms are not barns. This recent design trend has not taken enough consideration of the different occupants using these rooms.

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