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How an Attorney Can Help Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to current statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 1.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. The majority of these injures are closed head, or “mild” traumatic brain injuries, and mainly are caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents and sport accidents.

Dangerous Toys and Products for Children

There are many different kinds of toys and products on the market that are intended for use by children. Manufacturers and government inspection groups are supposed to ensure that these products are safe around children. However, injury can and does happen when these products are defective or faulty. Your child should not have to suffer and you shouldn’t have to pay because of the negligence of others.

Hit-And-Run Accidents: How Can Victims Preserve Their Legal Options?

Hit-and-run drivers pose an obvious difficulty, particularly when no citizen steps forward to prevent the perpetrator from escaping without being identified. But there are often other options for detection.

Negligent Security

Negligent security lawsuits are asserted by people who are attacked or victimized while on someone else’s property. In Florida, the laws that govern negligent security cases are the same as those that control premises liability. Under premises liability law, a property owner may be held liable for the injuries of another which resulted from a dangerous condition on the property. Negligent security law focuses on a specific type of dangerous condition on a property: Attacks by third-parties.

Employer Negligence and Repetitive Motion Strains

Repetitive motion strains occur when an individual repeats physical motions for several hours over long periods of time, which may be weeks, months, or years. Since the human body is not designed to do this, individuals may suffer harm as a result of repetitive motion strains.

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