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Motorcycles and Under-Ride

There are few accidents with fatality rates as high as those that occur between a motorcycle and truck. In part, this is because these accidents, many times, occur as under-ride accidents. Under-ride accidents, as their name implies, occur when a vehicle is able to slip underneath a large commercial truck or 18-wheeler. When these accidents occur, the main body of the vehicle is not hit, but the full force strikes the windshield of a car or the neck and head of a motorcyclist.

Common Fallacies About Traumatic Brain Injury And Low Speed Impacts

Traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of significant life-altering harm. TBI can occur when the brain suffers even minor damage, and often require years of expensive therapy and rehabilitation to correct, if that is even possible. One of the most common fallacies about low impact head trauma is that a smack on the head will render someone unconscious with no permanent damage.

Causes of Head Injuries

Injuries to the skull or brain should be taken seriously. Even seemingly minor injuries can result in serious and long-lasting health concerns. This is because head injuries can cause a variety of health problems, many of which are not immediately apparent. They can cause a loss of motor skills and possibly life-long damage to the central nervous system.

Needed – A US Registry For Medical Devices

A national medical device registry can make the difference between suffering severe pain from a flawed hip implant and getting the right one installed in the first place. It can mean a quick alert about a defective pacemaker, and a chance to replace it before it fails, with potentially fatal results. This years Health and Human Services budget includes a plan to establish a National Medical Device Registry that will list all implanted devices by model and serial number.

E Coli in Ground Beef

Most people are aware of the existence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in ground beef. It is a very common form of bacteria that causes people to get sick. The bacteria live in the intestines of both animals and people, and can transfer easily between them when proper food preparation methods are not employed. It can cause problems with the functioning of the digestive system and can severely affect bowel movements.

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