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Discovery Rules for Personal Injury Cases

Many parties often wonder why courts usually set the hearing months, sometimes even years, after a lawsuit has been filed. The primary reason behind this is because the judge is obliged to give both parties sufficient time to gather all relevant documents. This process is called the discovery stage.

Why Most Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Settled in Mediation

Instead, a lot of victims opt to settle disputes by using various types of alternative resolutions. One of the most popular is mediation.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

Every year, a large number of accident related deaths are caused by large commercial trucks in the US. Over the last few decades, the number of trucks involved in deadly crashes rose in by 10 percent..

Can I Make A Road Accident Compensation Claim If The Road Caused The Accident?

Have you been a road accident that was caused by the disrepair of the street? Have you considered taking action against the governmental agency responsible for the roads. You will find information here that will show you how that may be done.

Civil Litigation, Burden of Proof, and Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil trials are basically disputes between individuals or persons. The disputes can come from any of the people you know- your neighbor, the person whom you’ve been to a car accident with, and others. Many of these disputes are settled immediately without the need of the court. But many of these disputes are also left unresolved such that it must be taken to the court in order to be settled. When this happens, you are going to need the assistance of a good civil litigation attorney.

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