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Settlements for Children

As a parent, it is awful when your child is injured. And it can feel worse when the injury was preventable, and someone else’s fault. Bringing a claim in Oregon for a child (legal term: minor – this is anyone under 18) is complicated. Because a minor is not legally allowed to enter a contract, the minor can’t hire a law firm, can’t file a lawsuit, and can’t enter a settlement with the insurance company to settle the case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Interview

The list of accidents and injuries is long for legal representation in injury law. There are numerous circumstances for which an attorney you seek can represent you.

Tips on Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Having to deal with a personal injury in general can be difficult on its own. Often it is assumed that when the injury is due to the fault of another, that compensation should take place, whether by them or their insurance company, and without much fuss.

Lawsuit Funding – Examining Lien Priority

A lawsuit funding transaction is the selling of part of the future proceeds expected from a pending litigation.  The plaintiff  in the lawsuit effectively transfers by contract a portion of the case once it is successful.

Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Truck Accident

A good injury lawyer is critical to protecting the rights of victims of truck accidents. He or she can determine if there is a case and then help the client wade through the legal maze of a trial, including filing the complaint, the discovery process, and the actual trial. Without this help, a victim may receive considerably less than what they should.

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