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When Pedestrians and Cars Collide Eugene Accidents May Lead to Personal Injury, Death

In a college city like Eugene, Ore., it should come as no surprise that the rate of pedestrian-related auto accidents are higher than other areas, which likely translates into a higher demand for accident injury attorneys. With so many pedestrians and so many cars sharing the same space, often with the added component of rain, the incidence of injury is inevitable. One report by the Transportation for America, a transportation advocacy group, named the Eugene-Springfield metro area “the most dangerous in Oregon for pedestrians” between 2000 and 2009, according to a television news story on This means a lot of auto-related pedestrian injuries, and a need for Eugene personal injury lawyers.

Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Collisions

Perhaps the most unfair of all accidents is when an automobile hits a pedestrian. Pedestrians, despite their best efforts to be safe and cautious, have little protection against distracted or reckless drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that over 4,000 pedestrians were killed by cars in 2010.

Seemingly Harmless Workplace Hazards

While most consider offices to be rather dull workplaces, they can actually be quite hazardous to your help. Workers comp lawyers settle thousands of work injury cases every year, meaning that your employers are liable for your safety and health. Standard office equipment such as your computer keyboard and mouse can lead to wrist and back injuries over time, and your chair and desk combination can result in neck and back injuries. Even doorways can result in minor or severe injuries. Contacting a work injury lawyer will help you to get the time off, medical care, and compensation you deserve for office-related injuries.

Know Your Rights If You Have An Accident At Work

Accidents can happen at any time, in any place. One place in particular where accidents can occur is an accident at work.

Mechanical Fasteners

Mechanical Fasteners that are improperly attached or fasteners that are incorrect for the usage can cause objects to become detached from their intended surface. This can cause serious personal injury.

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