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An Introduction to Injury Law

The law dealing with lawsuits regarding injuries is known as injury law. There are several types of injury lawsuits including manufacture injury, personal injury, and workplace injury. Mostly, people charged with a breach of injury law, hire lawyers to either settle their dispute outside court or fight their case in the court.

Statistics in Pedestrian Accidents – A Personal Injury Nightmare

Since the onset of automobiles, there have been countless accidents involving pedestrians (joggers/bicyclists/skateboarders) and moving vehicles. Before the age of vehicles, walking was the basic mode of transportation. Currently, more common than not, walking is used to lose weight or to get to one’s vehicle.

Could Daylight Saving Changes Lower Car Crash Injury Claim Cases?

In January 2012, the UK government failed to pass daylight savings changes that may have reduced car crash injury claim cases. So just how could these changes have cut car crash injury claim cases? Find out here!

Proper Protocol to Take After a Car Accident

There are many terms for car accidents, from auto accidents to traffic collisions and beyond. However, the terminology for these incidents is hardly important when you consider what is at stake for the victims of these accidents. More important is what steps should be taken immediately proceeding an incident of this nature.

A Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney Knows How to Protect the Clients’ Legal Rights

Since car accidents happen to be a leading cause of so called unnecessary deaths and injuries, they’re thus the number one source and factor behind personal injury claims. Not only in the United States, but all over the world, thousands of millions of people and vehicles are involved in road accidents almost for every six seconds. Enormous crash reports suggest that fatal automobile accidents claiming millions of human lives and leave millions of other people injured.

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