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Cobalt Poisoning From Metal Implants

Metal on metal hip implants have been in use for a number of years, with results that vary from patient to patient. While they can provide patients with good results and lessened amounts of pain and stiffness, they have come under fire, especially as of late, for causing a number of side effects and secondary conditions.

Quick History of Maritime Wrongful Death Laws

When a seaman, sailor or passenger dies at sea due to the wrongful act, neglect or default of another, certain laws may allow for compensation. Various laws have been written throughout U.S. legal history pertaining to wrongful death at sea.

The Importance of the Employer and His Report in a Worker’s Compensation Case

The employer’s report of injury form must be completed with care. The employer should not report that he knows of the accident if he does not. He is permitted to indicate that he is reporting that which is being alleged and not that which he knows of first hand. For example, where the question on the form asks that he indicate what the employee was doing when injured he can preface his statement with such phrases as “It is alleged that… ” of “The employee claims… “

Needlestick Injuries Leading To Accident at Work Compensation Cases

Needlestick injuries occur in a huge range of different sectors, including the construction, maintenance and demolition industries, as well as in more obvious workplaces such as healthcare facilities or in the probation and prison services. While needlesticks do not always lead to serious injuries, personal injury solicitors have represented clients in accident at work claims following instances when a needlestick has exposed workers to HIV, Hepatitis B and C, or other blood-borne viruses.

Experiences of a Lawyer Shows Why ObamaCare Makes Good Economic Sense

This article looks at the reasons why Obamacare is necessary for the health care system and the economy of the United States. The Article shows examples of how the push to defund Obamacare is based upon politics not the reality of how the health care system works. The article also points out that in a society of compassion and progress the issue of affordable treatment can no longer be ignored.

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