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Should I Claim Compensation?

Whether or not to claim compensation for an incident can be a difficult one. We clear up a few of more common questions that people come across when making this decision.

Finding a Wrongful Death Lawyer When Tragedy Strikes

Nobody wants to think about death, especially where our loved ones are involved. We lose a parent to old age, and we may be comforted by the thought that he or she is now free of illness and the infirmities that might have caused problems in the final years. To lose a parent, child, or spouse as a result of an accident, crime, or other circumstance tends to amplify despair, especially if the deceased was still quite young. As you mourn and try to find closure, you probably aren’t thinking of finding legal representation, though if it turns out you may be compensated by a third party as a result of negligence or malice, you may wish to consider retaining the services of an attorney.

Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans Help Level The Playing Field

If you’re an individual involved in a lawsuit against an insurance carrier, you are likely to find yourself in need of additional cash to continue your case. Lawsuit loans and settlement loans are often extremely helpful in such situations. The services only been available for a short period of time and the vast majority of attorneys are not aware of the benefits of this form of funding. Few individuals (i.e. plaintiffs) are even aware of the fact that they can obtain such assistance in pending lawsuits.

The Rescue Doctrine

A review of a recent Illinois Appellate court case which discussed the application of the rescue doctrine in a case in which the rescued individual put himself in danger. In this case, the rescuer became injured when attempting to rescue an individual who was engaging in an alleged suicide attempt.

When to Consult With an Erb’s Palsy Attorney

Your child is now a toddler and has difficulty holding objects in his hands and complains of constant numbness in his shoulder. You had a difficult labor and delivery, but the baby was born healthy and no one mentioned any problems.

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