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Do I Need an Attorney Who Specializes in Car Accidents?

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. Because of the legal and financial implications of a serious traffic accident, you should consult with a lawyer who specializes in this area to protect yourself.

Causes of Houston Commercial Truck Rollover Accidents

Houston has heavy truck traffic, which can cause hazards for other drivers on the road. One of the most dangerous types of accidents are rollover accidents. Rollover accidents may be caused by negligence on the part of the truck driver. Victims of an accident should seek medical help and a lawyer.

Dog Bites Man – Who Is at Fault?

As much as we Americans love man’s best friend, one thing is certain: dogs bite. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, states that each year there are more 4 million people, including both adults and children who suffer from being bitten by dogs. Approximately 25% of these dog attacks require an emergency hospital visit. That is over 1 million emergency care visits a year due to a dog bite.

Clinical Negligence and the NHS, Why It Is Important That Standards of Care Are Upheld

When we have an injury or even when we are generally just not feeling very well – we put our trust in someone else to take care of us and nurse us back to good health. We all make necessary contributions to the NHS every year and as a result we expect to receive good care throughout the year – not everyone does receive a good standard of care however and this is known as clinical negligence.

How to React to a Dog Bite

Find out how to deal with a vicious dog bite. These are traumatizing experiences that are best handled if you know what to do in advance.

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