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Three Tips For Talking To The Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company doesn’t want to pay out any money if it can help it. So here are three tips to help you when it comes time to talk to the insurance adjuster after you’ve been in an accident or suffered a personal injury.

Three Things Not To Do After An Accident

After an accident, you may want to chat with others about what happened. This is one of the things you absolutely should not do. Stay near your vehicle and don’t discuss the accident with anyone until the police arrive. This can protect you.

Three Things To Do Right After An Accident

There are three things you need to do right after an accident. First, make sure everyone is ok and call the police yourself. Then, take photographs of the accident including your vehicle and any other vehicles involved. This will help you later.

Three Phone Calls You Should Make Right After An Accident

After an accident, you’re going to want to call your loved ones first. Resist the urge and make the most important call to emergency services and the police first. Then, call your insurance company or agent. Only after making these two calls should you call your family. This will protect you and your personal injury case.

Two Tips For Talking To The Police After An Accident

After an accident, telling the truth to the police who are doing the investigation is very important. This is true even if you can’t remember everything that happened. If you hire a personal injury lawyer, your lawyer will be much better able to help you if you told the truth.

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