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How an Attorney Helps After a Serious Car Accident Injury

Vehicle accidents happen a lot, and often the people involved are injured. often auto accident injuries can make working unlikely for a while, cost a lot of money in medical expenses, and might cause emotional trauma. If you sustained an injury from a car accident, you can sue for monetary damages incurred as a result of your injuries.

Arizona High Schools Take Proactive Approach to Drunk-Driving Education

As prom season descends on thousands of Arizona high-school students, Arizona educators and safety organizations are taking proactive approaches to teaching teenagers about the dangers of driving under the influence. The city of Glendale partnered with several area high schools to set up mock-crash assemblies entitled “Operation Prom and Beyond” to show students the potential consequences of drunk driving.

Arizona Child Seat Belt Law May Get A Boost

By most standards, Arizona child seat belt law is lagging. In all but three states, five-year-olds are required to ride in a car seat. Currently, under Arizona seat belt law, there are no regulations guiding seat belt use for children five-years-old and up. All children four-years-old and younger are required to have either a car, or booster, seat when riding in a motor vehicle.

Injury Claims – Types and Solutions

Injury claims are made by people when they have sustained injuries that are a direct result of another person’s unwanted or unnecessary action. You can claim injury compensation when you have had to incur medical expenses, psychological or emotional setbacks, and loss of pay as well as damages to property as a result of the injury.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims

There are several causes that bring forth personal injuries in daily life. There is a great deal of activity and rush in modern life and in this there are often irretrievable damages caused to people that are least expecting it.

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