Video Shows Wanted Correctional Officer Aiding Escape of Inmate in Alabama

Personal Injury Cases Are Common

A personal injury, in the legal sense, refers to physical or mental harm that a person has suffered that was caused by the actions or negligence of a third party. You may be eligible for monetary compensation if you can show that a third party was negligent and liable for your this type of injury. Compensation can be paid for medical care, rehabilitation or for other losses that you suffered for your injury.

The Hazards of Escalators

Escalators are found all over cities and towns in offices, apartment complexes, malls, and gyms. You may be used to riding escalators on a regular basis. However, you may not be aware of their many dangers and hazards. Like many other commercially made products, escalators can be faulty or they may malfunction in a variety of ways.

Negligence Explained

A large area of Civil Litigation is from the law of Negligence. Today, negligence is most commonly known as personal injury. “Personal Injury” includes car accidents, slip-and-falls, failure to perform a required action, and more. In order to prove a case of Negligence or Personal Injury, you must prove four (4) elements. Those elements are DUTY, BREACH, CAUSATION, and DAMAGES.

Should I Give a “Recorded Statement?”

NO! NO! I hope that clears things up. If you are involved in any sort of insurance claim, whether it be from a car accident or any other type of injury claim, the insurance adjuster will almost always ask for a recorded interview in order to “properly investigate the claim.”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Law Video

THE DO’S: CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE QUALITY FOR YOUR VIDEO BEFORE YOU START: Does the importance of your video evidence justify a Mercedes or a Chevy? Just as you expect a difference there, the same holds true for video. Remember, jurors and claims representatives are sophisticated viewers today.

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