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Personal Injury Lawyers Cover More Than Serious Accidents

Personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation for any type of injury caused by another person’s negligence. Some examples include defective medical devices and fires.

Five Reasons to Contact Personal Injury Law Firms

Have you been hurt in an accident that was not your fault? Here are five good reasons to contact a few personal injury law firms.

Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney can help you fight the insurance company. However, there are some questions you need to ask before hiring the right lawyer.

Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents Can Be Devastating

Traumatic brain injuries resulting from an auto accident can leave victims with impaired cognitive skills and permanent disability. Unfortunately, the extent of the injury can be difficult to determine in its early stages. Seeking immediate medical care is critical, as is protecting the victim’s future through legal means.

Injured On the Job? Information About Personal Contractor Status

It’s not entirely uncommon for an employer to inform a recently injured employee that workers compensation does not apply due to independent contractor status. But how reliable is this claim? Are you really an independent contractor? Here are some of the ways that some states view accidents that happen on the job – and whether or not you can collect compensation.

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