TN v Billy Ray Turner Trial Day 4 – Cont’d Direct Exam – Jimmie Martin – Co-Conspirator

What Is Pedestrian Safety?

We’ve all heard that texting or talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous. However it can also be very dangerous to do those things while you walk. Pedestrian distractions can be life threatening.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

When attacking, dogs often go for the face or neck, which is a particularly vulnerable area of the body. Given their size, small children often become victims of dog attacks. However, regardless of age, the area of the body that is attacked, or the severity of the injuries, the fear incited by the aggression exhibited by the dog, the attack itself, and the resulting injuries can be emotionally debilitating.

How To Find a Personal Injury Attorney – The First Steps

How to find a personal injury attorney if involved in an accident. Finding the right lawyer will greatly increase your chances of bringing an personal injury case to court.

An Illuminating Composition on Compensation Claiming for Workplace Accidents

Accidents at work bring about disastrous consequences to an individual. Those who suffer them thoroughly as a result of the mistake of a negligent third party must claim compensation. It is the solicitors whose support proves to be of utmost benefit in this regard.

Understanding Your Options After an Accident

Car accidents can be complicated and confusing situations to try to deal with. It is difficult to know what kinds of things you should be doing if you find yourself on the side of the road, waiting for emergency personnel to arrive on scene to tow away your wrecked vehicle. With a clear head and a few key steps in mind, however, you can give yourself the best chance to properly keep yourself safe and properly deal with such a traumatic experience.

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