TN v Billy Ray Turner Trial Day 3 – Sgt. Dennis Evans – Cell Phone Expert

The Importance of The Dictionary of Occupational Titles in the Social Security Disability Process

This article discusses Social Security Disability Hearings and the process behind the hearings. Specifically, this article explains the ALJ’s reliance upon VE testimony which is based upon the DOT.

The Fourth Step of the Five-Step Sequential Disability Determination Process: Policy Objectives

This article discusses the fourth step of the 5-step Social Security Disability Process. It is important to understand the 5-step disability process because disability claimants’ cases depend upon it.

Functional Aspects of Social Security Disability Hearings: Steps 1-3 of the 5-Step Process

This article discusses the 5 step sequential steps of the Social Security Disability Process. Specifically, this article addresses the first three steps.

Pressure From PI Sector Forces Lord Chancellor to Review Discount Rate Deductions

The debate on whether or not claimants are missing out on their rightful compensation, as a result of discount rate deductions, has been opened up to the entire personal injury sector by the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke. The move comes after growing pressure from the personal injury sector about it not representing fair compensation for the victim of an injury that wasn’t their own fault.

The Often Overlooked Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are frequently disregarded as trivial or made up, but in truth they have the potential to do serious damage. It is important to understand the dangers associated with these kinds of falls, what kind of legal responsibility property owners have in keeping us safe from harm, and what options you can take if you are unfortunate enough to have been hurt in such an accident.

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