TN v Billy Ray Turner Trial Day 2 – Dr. Marco Ross – Chief Medical Examiner

Social Security Disability Hearings: Why the VE Should Be Held to a Daubert-Type Standard

This article discusses the Social Security Disability hearing process and the Vocational Expert’s role in that process. Specifically, this article discusses the need to have certain standards in place with respect to vocational testimony.

The Process Of Making Car Accident Claims

A road mishap is something that you cannot avoid and even if you are a good driver, there are still some of those who are fond of breaking road rules and crossing the lines and these can often result in road mishap. Negligent driving can hold anyone victim and on the sufferer’s part, this can bring about a lot of inconveniences.

Can I See My Medical Records?

Do you need to see your medical records or those of a loved one who has died? This may be because you are considering a claim against a doctor or a personal injury claim. If so, this article explains how you can do this in the UK.

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer for the Job

Finding a lawyer in the wake of a damaging car accident is the most important thing a victim must do to make it onto the road to recovery. The process of selecting the right lawyer can be the difference in thousands of dollars in compensation needed to repair damaging injuries inflicted through a crash. It is therefore essentially important to find a lawyer who is both highly qualified and experienced in handling cases similar to yours to get you the best results possible.

Receive Compensation For Auto Accidents

How do you plan to get to work or school today? If you are using your car, then you probably don’t think twice about the safety.

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