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Injuries – How Do I Make a Claim?

Claiming compensation is considered to be a minefield and a very lengthy, worrying and drawn out process. This often hinders people from claiming what they are entitled to by law. If you have ever been wondering, “How do I make a claim?”

4 Elements That Can Affect Car Accident Cases

On one hand, every car accident case is different. On the other hand, most of them follow a basic pattern. This pattern is what allows insurance claims to go through without lengthy court battles and lets those involved in fender benders get back to their lives fairly quickly.

Lack of Regulations Causes Increase in Bounce House Injuries

Families gathering on a sunny, cloudless day for a youth soccer tournament in Oceanside, N.Y., soon found their fun-filled outing becoming an unbelievable nightmare as gusts of wind sent three giant, inflatable bounce houses careening across the field, lifting their occupants and colliding with participants and bystanders. The accident resulted in multiple injuries, sending 13 children and adults to the hospital for treatment, including one mother who was critically injured when an inflatable crash-landed on her.

Know If Your Solicitor Is Billing You Correctly

Personal injury solicitors in the UK are noted for their excellent services and high fees. A litigant should, however, be thorough with their payment policies and rates before hiring one.

New Asbestos Cancer Scheme Denies Asbestos Compensation to 50% of Victims

The latest DWP scheme ignores 50% of asbestos related disease sufferers. Statistics compiled by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), reveal that in 2009, 2,321 British people died due to Mesothelioma alone. Whereas an estimated 2,000 died from asbestos related lung cancer, and a further 411 deaths were caused by asbestosis. Under the new scheme, on the first 2,321 would be covered for Mesothelioma Compensation. The rest would be left without aid.

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