Text Messages of Johnny Depp Asking Assistants for Drugs Presented in Court

The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case: The Poster Child of Lawsuit Frivolity – Was It Really Frivolous?

Frivolous lawsuits are in the papers every day. Juries award vast sums of money in cases that sometimes strain our credulity. But not all seemingly strange cases are frivolous. The famous McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case has become a legendary product liability verdict the world over. Pundits railed, and continue to rail, at the jury that awarded millions to a woman who held a cup of hot coffee between her legs, suffering burns when it spilled. But on close examination of the facts, the jury verdict isn’t as radical as it first appears.

Why Herniated Disc Inflammation And Injury May Take Some Time To Develop After A Car Accident

During the impact of a vehicle collision, there’s often a tremendous amount of pressure applied to the backbone of an injury victim and this can cause the spine’s framework and discs to flex out of their proper position. A lot of these problems are often called slipped or ruptured discs. The out-of-alignment disc can potentially place pressure on the spine channel and radiate pressure in the direction of spinal nerves.

What Is Personal Injury Protection – Know Everything About It

Personal injury protection is an additional coverage option of a car insurance policy that pays for the medical expenses of a person who gets injured in a car accident. When a person meets with an accident he becomes injured and sustains a lot of damages. A car insurance policy provides cover for his damages and pays for the medical treatment that becomes necessary after an accident. A car insurance policy usually provides cover for the bodily injuries sustained by the insurance holder and the damages that are sustained by his vehicle. However, a person can get more out of his car insurance by buying additional coverage options.

Car Accident Attorney on the Dangers of Excessive Speeding

The assistance of a car accident attorney is required in a car accident cases that is caused by excessive speeding. Serious cases such as these need to be handled with effective and detail-oriented legal assistance. You really can’t afford to handle it with inadequate representation. You have to have the confidence in knowing that a lawyer not only invested in your case but also prepared in their efforts to help defend your rights.

Excessive Jury Verdicts in Personal Injury Cases – How Much Is Too Much?

The job of judging can be trying. Judges are often faced with decisions most of us never have to make. To appreciate the difficulty of a judge’s job, look no further than the question of whether a jury verdict was excessive or inadequate. Large jury verdicts grab headlines nationwide, and have become the stuff of tort reformers’ angst and editorial writers’ prose. Multi-million dollar verdicts no longer surprise us. It’s what happens after the jury has spoken that brings some rationality to the courtroom.

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