Suspect Shoots At Police During 130-MPH High-Speed Chase

When Bar Owners Are Not Liable

Most of the time, accidents ensue because of alcohol intoxication. Pedestrians, cars and even property get run over by drunk drivers which result to serious injuries and even death. If you happened to be a victim, your personal injury lawyer may run after the drunk driver and the bar owner who caused the driver to get overly intoxicated.

Turbulent Flights

Airplanes are one of the safest forms of transportation in the world and despite news and stories about plane crashes, these incidents are still uncommon compared to vehicular accidents. However, what is pretty common to experience is turbulence caused by bad weather and air pockets when you are aboard a flight to somewhere. Sometimes, accidents from turbulences happen like bags and luggage falling off of bins and slipping on your way to the restroom when turbulence is suddenly encountered and the like.

Annular Tears: About the Injury

One of the most painful of spinal injuries that can occur – and one of the most frequent – is that of the annular tear. In this article, we will address just what this injury is, as well as some of the common symptoms and medically accepted forms of treatment.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Give A Deposition in a Personal Injury Case

When you are scheduled to be “deposed”, that is, give a deposition in a personal injury case, there are 3 key mistakes to avoid. You want to be prepared for these so that you can help ensure your deposition goes well and you do not succumb to pitfalls that will hurt your case.

When Rides Become Too Scary

Everybody loves amusement parks. Even with the overly scary rides, you’ll never fail to see adults and children get in line to prove their courage. However, as much as amusement rides could be lots of fun, they can also be very dangerous and there have been reports of people getting injured or falling off roller coasters and dying.

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