She Claims He Physically Abuses Her, He Denies It (Protection Court)

Product Liability History

When we purchase a product and it falls short of our expectations, it can be very disappointing. But what if the product caused a traumatic injury or death to a member of our family or anyone else it came in contact with? We would be devastated. What if we found out that the manufacturer or any one involved in the making or distribution of this product knew it to be unsafe but continued to make it available to the public? We would want anyone involved in getting this product in the hands of the consumer to be held responsible.

What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents on a Sidewalk

Sidewalks are everywhere. They are in small cities and big towns. These sidewalks are made to be used by pedestrians, and they have the right to safely use these sidewalks. One issue with sidewalks, however, is that their owners often neglect maintaining them to avoid accidents such as slip and fall involving pedestrians.

Bike Lanes Prevent Injury and Reduce the Need for an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

Motorists across the country are learning to safely share the road with cyclists via new bike-designated lanes. The lanes have proven effective in reducing the potentially fatal accidents that keep a auto accident injury lawyer busy.

Protecting a Minor Child’s Personal Injury Settlement

So many times we hear about personal injury settlements involving adults. But how are injury claims handled for minors? Is the minor’s settlement protected? The general rule is that a personal injury settlement for a minor is not binding against the minor unless there is court approval of the settlement.

Should I Let My Friend Borrow My Car?

“Negligent entrustment” is a legal theory where the owner of a motor vehicle may be liable for property damage, wrongful death or personal injuries resulting from a car accident caused by someone to whom the owner entrusts their vehicle. The most common scenario is when the owner lends their car to a friend and the friend gets into an accident. Contrary to popular belief, the owner of the car is not automatically liable. Several things must be proven before liability attaches to the vehicle owner under the theory of negligent entrustment.

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