Regular rate of pay in California — 3 things workers need to know

Top Questions to Ask If Changing an Attorney in the Middle of a Personal Injury Case

If you’re thinking about changing an attorney in the middle of an Arizona personal injury case, you should begin the process by asking yourself why you want to change lawyers and if there’s anything that could be done differently to change your mind. The following article addresses some common questions you may want to ask yourself regarding your specific relationship with your attorney.

A Pending Lawsuit Cash Advance Helps Pay the Bills

Successful personal injury lawsuits are gratifying in that a favorable outcome compensates victims for all of the strife, anguish and lost wages they experience due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else. However, personal injury lawsuits often take a long time to resolve; during that time a victim may struggle to make ends meet. If you have a pending lawsuit, a cash advance in the form of lawsuit funding may help you pay the bills and get back on your feet.

Really Man’s Best Friend? What to Do When the Dog Bites

The neighbor’s dog was a bit too hungry and chomped a little of your arm? The cute dog in the park didn’t like you leaning in for a pet on the head? Studies and reports indicate that every year, nationwide, dogs attack and injure almost 5 million people. Statistics I have seen indicate that there are hundreds of deaths annually. I love dogs, but I wonder if they all deserve the “man’s best friend” distinction.

Amputation Injuries and Injuries Resulting in Amputation

Amputation is the removal of a limb or other body part. An amputation injury occurs when a body part or limb is removed by force, due to the negligence of another, or against the person’s will.

Personal Injury Victims Strike Back: Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffers an injury caused by someone else’s error or omission, that individual or an insurance company involved in the case may agree to compensate you for what has happened and offer a fair settlement. However, this outcome is relatively rare because people are not always willing to take responsibility for what they have done, and insurance companies often try to minimize the situation by offering as little as possible to settle the case.

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