Putin Dispatches Brutal Russian Mercenaries To Ukraine (Wagner Group)

The Cause of Action for Malicious Prosecution in Texas

This Memorandum is about the cause of action known as “malicious prosecution” in Texas. The essential elements of a claim for malicious prosecution are: (1) the institution of proceedings against the plaintiff; (2) by or at the insistence of the defendant; (3) malice in the commencement of the proceeding; (4) lack of probable cause for the proceeding; (5) termination of the proceeding in plaintiff’s favor; and (6) damages to the plaintiff.

Two More Needless Deaths – Tips on Avoiding Car-Truck Accidents

On a recent Friday night, two men driving cars were killed in the San Antonio metro in separate collisions with 18-wheelers. WOAI TV and KENS TV report both men were on I-35 when the crashes with big rigs took place. Neither trucker had serious injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers – Making a Claim

Personal injury lawyers can offer their services for a wide range of personal injury incidences. They generally cover a large area of practice with having individual lawyers who specialise in certain areas to ensure that their plaintiffs are receiving the best legal representation for their case.

Injury Lawyer – Points To Consider

Personal injury is a legal case where a person has faced any injury, either emotional or physical, or both, owing to the negligence of another person. Injury cases usually involve accidents at workplace, domestic misfortunes, assault claims, road accidents, etc.

Personal Injury Law Firms

When injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence it is necessary to find out whether or not that person is able to make a claim for an injury that was not their fault. The injury could have been caused by an auto accident, medical malpractice and defective drugs, falling off unstable scaffolding or even tripping over materials left by nearby manufacturing plants; regardless of the cause, an injury has occurred due to negligence which would have created loss of one kind or another. Loss caused by injury can come in a number of forms such as loss…

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