Protection Court: 13 Kids – She Fell at Work

Shifting Your Legal Fees to Your Opponent: Florida’s Tricky and Prickly Proposals for Settlement

Tired of winning your case in court but spending tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees? Florida law has a mechanism whereby you, a litigant, can shift your legal fees and costs to your opponent, leaving him not only the humiliated, bloody, battle torn and defeated loser in the litigation (OK, maybe I’m a little competitive), but also with a boatload of your expenses that he has to pay. This cost-shifting mechanism is called a Proposal for Settlement (“PFS”), and when properly used it can assert pressures on the other side to settle, or at least be…

Best Compensation for Disability Claims by Hiring a Professional Lawyer Firm

Injuries and accidents can happen any time: at work, as a result of medical negligence, lack of security measures or an accident, but no matter what the work-related or social circumstances are, chances are you will need to get fair compensation for physical injuries and damages as well as for things like lost time at work or inability to fulfill your everyday functions and duties. Many people who become partially or more seriously disabled are hesitant about hiring a professional reputed attorney to help get the benefits they are entitled to.

My Accident Compensation – Personal Injury Claimants Lose Out in Cost Reforms

Many reforms relating to the funding of personal injury claims come into force in April 2013 and these will affect the amount of accident compensation that Claimants will be able to recover. One of the most significant reforms will see the end of No Win No Fee representation as we know it. Claimants will face having to pay up to 25% of their accident compensation to their solicitor as part of their costs. Currently, solicitors can recover all costs from the negligent Defendant.

Seeking Compensation for Cosmetic Disasters

Cosmetic treatments and surgeries are fast becoming an introspective area of a medical negligence. This article discusses the methods of claim making when one falls victim to such a conduct of negligence.

Choose Your Personal Injury Attorney With Care

When it comes to situations where you are the victim of an accident that lives you unable to continue your life in the fashion you have been accustomed too, you need to hire a personal injury attorney. You need to make sure that the professional you hire is more than qualified to handle your case.

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