Police Officer Shoots Women After She Points Gun at Him

The Importance For Accident Victims In Making Early Part 36 Offers To Settle Personal Injury Claims

There are many strategies that a seasoned litigator can deploy to improve the respective bargaining position of their client and improve the prospect of success. For example, UK Civil Procedure Rules permit either party to a claim to make what are called Part 36 offers to settle a claim. A smart solicitor, either for the Claimant or Defendant, will often make a Part 36 offer at the earliest possible opportunity in order to gain some strategic advantage in relation to potential costs and interests.

If I Sue for My Injuries, Will I Have to Testify in Court?

Part of the process of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against another individual for negligence is providing testimony to substantiate the claims of injuries and losses. In the American judicial system, parties to a legal action are permitted to question the accounts of opposing litigants, in order to determine which party is more rightfully responsible for the damages incurred. Essentially, what this means is: If you are accusing anther individual of negligence, you will be required to provide the court with testimony to effectively evidence the defendant’s liability.

Three Keys To Getting Insurance Carriers To Pay Your Claim With Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans

It seems as though insurance carriers are often viewed as entities with “clean hands.” In fact, there is a billion-dollar advertising campaign that states it is actually the “good hands” company. In this article, we’ll discuss three keys to the benefits of obtaining lawsuit loans and settlement loans in an effort to force an insurance carrier to pay a just and equitable settlement on your claim.

What Is The Truth About No Win No Fee Solicitors?

A no win no fee solicitor sounds like a really sensible move to help you with your claim for injury compensation but what is really involved? This article explains what you need to know before you go and look for one.

FAQ’s on What to Do After You Are in a Car Accident

It can be confusing what to do after you are in a car accident. Here are some frequently asked questions about things to keep in mind. Question: What can I do besides call the police and just wait around at the accident scene? Answer: Call an experienced personal injury attorney. He will send an investigator to the accident scene to interview the witnesses, take photos of the amount of property damage, and measure skid marks. Most police officers will do a better investigation if they know someone else is also gathering information independently. The vast majority of personal injury attorneys have a “No Upfront Fee” policy, so if your case does not amount to being substantial, there won’t be any charge.

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