Police Bodycam Video Shows Shooting of Armed 16-Year Old (Bakersfield, CA)

Are Dog Bites Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

If you own a dog, you know there are expenses. You cover the cost of food, veterinary bills, boarding fees when you travel, and other things like toys and grooming accessories. You may also have a pet health insurance policy to help cover the cost of treating serious illness, but it is essential to have a policy that protects you and your dog in the event of a biting incident. Some homeowners insurance policies include liability for dog bites, but you should research your options to make sure you are well covered.

Avoiding Road Rage and a Possible Car Accident

Unfortunately there is a lot of aggression on our roads today. Hot tempered drivers are hazardous. Car chasing and cutting other drivers up can cost lives. Even women are jumping in on the act. Just last month we saw a gang of young women smashing up a car using car jacks and a saucepan in the Northern Territory. In February a man was repeatedly stabbed in the southern Sydney suburbs. So how can we avoid road rage incidents and keep cool behind the wheel? This article explores some techniques.

Video Surveillance and Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Case

After being injured in a slip and fall, you will struggle not only with your injuries, but also with making sure you have gathered all of the necessary evidence to help your personal injury attorney prove premises liability in your case. In the midst of gathering medical records and witness accounts, make sure you do not neglect one detail that might help your case significantly: the existence of video surveillance.

Bad Faith – An Easy to Understand Explanation

When you enter into an insurance contract, sometimes you pay premiums for years and years before you ever need to make a claim. When you pay these premiums, you do so with the belief that when and if your time of need comes, your insurer will pay you fairly and will provide you with the benefits promised under the policy. Unfortunately, sometimes an insurance company does not live up to its end of the bargain.

The Neck Injury Risk of Amusement Park Rides and Rodeo Bull Tournaments

There’s no limit to the types of whiplash injuries which can be suffered by people under very bizarre or unusual circumstances, but fairground and amusement park rides seem to be strong contenders for the most common cause of strange accidents. For instance, in 2009 a fairground accident resulted in 21 people suffering injures on a Blackpool rollercoaster. The ‘Big Dipper’ ride experienced problems when one of the cars got stuck and was hit from behind by a car which followed along after it – usually at a safe distance.

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