Penal Code 171.7 PC — Bringing a weapon into the sterile area of a public transit facility

Personal Injury Should Be Well Taken Care Of

If there is ever a situation where a person is suffering terribly from an injury, disability or in worse case scenarios, even death, mostly due to a careless negligence of an individual, in such cases, the personal injury law covers these instances and extends its hand for help. A severe injury can cost an individual to shell out a lot of money, sometimes an amount that the individual might not even be capable of paying, if you opt for a personal injury claim in such desperate moments then you are eligible to seek some compensation for the…

How to Complete a Self-Health Assessment Following a Car Accident

Car accidents are tricky in terms of injuries. Sometimes, a person can feel fine afterwards, but then days or weeks later, begin to experience severe signs of stress or bodily injury.

A Myth Regarding Personal Injury Protection

I often get told by my clients that they “do not want to make any claims on their own insurance policy” because “it will raise their rates.” Like many things, this is an insurance tactic meant to scare people from claiming what is rightfully theirs. Let me elaborate further.

Who’s Liable for Injuries Sustained in Public Transportation Accidents?

Public transportation is a reliable and necessary part of society. But if you are hurt on a bus, train, or other form of transient category, you must seek professional legal advice.

Common Benefits Received From Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a blessing for those injured on the job. Learn what to expect, and what to do if your expectations are not met.

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