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Avoiding Common Mistakes in Making a Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured and it wasn’t your fault you should consider making a compensation claim. There are things you should, and should not do when launching your case with the help of a personal injury solicitor.

Guide to Making a Personal Injury Claim

Suffering an injury in an accident that was not your fault can be devastating. If you think you have a compensation claim it pays to know what to do.

Trucking Accidents – Who Is Liable for Improperly Loaded or Secured Cargo?

For those injured in trucking accidents, it is important to know what parties may be liable for your case. Improperly loaded and improperly secured cargo pose a serious safety risk to both the general public and drivers working for commercial carriers. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that in 2009 alone, more than 3,380 people were killed in trucking accidents. This article provides general liability information for those injured in trucking accidents due to improperly loaded or secured commercial vehicle cargo.

How to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Fraudulent Public Liability Claim

Fraudulent claims are a problem not only for insurance companies, local authorities and big businesses: any organization or individual can become the target of one. Unfortunately, the police and the Courts all too often treat this as a minor offence, or even a victimless crime. Yet the cost results in higher insurance premiums for individuals and businesses, and where the claim is against a local authority or the NHS, it results in higher taxes for us all. Lets look at what it is and what you can do to protect yourself and/or your business.

Car Accidents – What You Should Do to Protect Yourself

If you are involved in an automobile accident, it can be a scary event for you and your loved ones. You need to know what to do after such an accident to protect yourself and the ones you love.

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