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How to Choose a Good Personal Injury Solicitor

Choosing a good personal injury solicitor can be extremely difficult. This article will help you to understand how to find the right solicitor for your claim.

Indiana Trial Rule 7: What Constitutes a Pleading in Civil Litigation

In civil litigation, the commencement of a lawsuit involves the plaintiff filing a complaint in state or federal court and serving the defendant with the complaint and summons. After the defendant is served, the defendant has a limited amount of time to file an answer, counterclaim, and/or cross claim. These various documents are referred to as pleadings and are addressed under Trial Rule 7.

Truck Driver Accidents on Icy Roads: How to Handle the Situation

Being a truck driver can be a very stressful job, and more importantly it can be very dangerous. Not only are other drivers a huge risk factor, but drivers also contend with the weather.

Premise Liability Law

Premise Liability Law is the area of law that lays down the responsibility of property owners to insure that their property is not a danger to people who enter it. Premise Liability Law is used to deal with issues arising out of incidents when one or more people are injured or suffer loss while on the premises of another individual or company.

Workplace Wrongful Death – How Can An Accident Lawyer Help?

In civil law, a wrongful death is said to take place when somebody suffers pain and eventually dies as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence. In civil law, such a case would actually be called a manslaughter charge or simply murder. If you want to sue for wrongful death, it is extremely important that you hire topnotch accident lawyers.

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