OH v. Dr. William Husel Trial Day 1 – Prosecution Opening Statement – Janet Grubb

The Dangers of High School Cheerleading

Cheerleading is an all American sport that requires strength, grace, timing, and talent. This activity is done with a group made up of mainly females, but it is not uncommon for males to join cheer squads either. Cheering requires a fair amount of practice as routines can be very involved and take some time to learn and master. It is not uncommon for cheerleading practice to take place multiple days after school and require the cheerleader to be present at games, some times weekly or bi-weekly in addition to practice.

Indiana Worker’s Compensation: Is the Injured Worker an Independent Contractor or Employee?

The determination of whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor is important when that worker has sustained a work-related injury and is seeking worker’s compensation benefits. If it is determined that the worker is an independent contractor, then no worker’s compensation benefits are owed. This article discusses the ten factor test used to determine the status of a worker for purposes of obtaining worker’s compensation benefits.

Wrongful Death FAQs, Answers, and Controversy

If you have lost a relative or friend to an accident, chances are it could be a wrongful death case. However, more often than not, people excuse (and accept) the death as an accident and rarely question or challenge it; perhaps because many people don’t know much about wrongful deaths. When we lose a loved one to a tragic accident, it’s hard to differentiate whether or not compensation should be retrieved from the accident. By examining wrongful death FAQs, families of fatal accident victims, can decide whether or not to proceed with retribution. Additionally, because many accidental deaths can be controversial due to their nature, an attorney’s assistance is always a wise idea.

Shopping Safely: What to Do If You Slip and Fall

When you’re heading out to the mall, safety probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. You have an agenda, items to be picked up, returns to be made, and a time frame in which your to-do list needs to be completed. However, slip and fall related injuries are more common that you might expect. Children and older Americans are especially at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.3 million Americans were treated for fall related injuries in 2010 alone. Additionally, Safe Kids USA reports that about 20,000 children are injured each year as the result of shopping cart related

Five Common Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents

Every day, pedestrians are at risk for a slip and fall accident. Whether a group of speed walkers are walking briskly on the sidewalk, an elderly woman is shopping at the grocery store, a teenager is walking in an icy parking lot, or a nurse is attending to a patient in the operating room, a slip and fall accident could occur at any time, in or out of the workplace, to any age group, and under a variety of circumstances or conditions. Slip and fall accidents are all too real and serious, not like the comical and injury free “slip on a banana peel” scenario. Slips and falls account for approximately 1 million emergency room visits and the injuries range from minor scraps to fatalities.

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