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Preventing a Car Rollover

The best way to prevent a car rollover is to be aware of the common scenarios in which the situation arises. Once the vehicle has begun tilting, it’s very difficult to correct the situation, putting the driver and all the passengers in the vehicle at risk for injuries from a car rollover. Depending on where the accident occurs, other cars may also be involved in a pileup, increasing injuries.

5 Top Techniques in Defense Law to Counter Unfavorable Witness Testimony

Defense attorneys face unfavorable witness testimony on a continued basis. If a witness’ statement is hearsay or is irrelevant and excessively prejudicial, the court may suppress the testimony. However, the mere fact that a witness can produce damning testimony is not grounds for exclusion. Since the credibility of witnesses is exclusively a matter for the trier of fact, defense attorneys must discredit the opposing witnesses during a trial. An attorney can discredit a witness in several ways.

How Cyclist Safety Can Lead to Economic Growth

With personal injury solicitors dealing with a rising number of cycling accident claims, despite the number of personal injuries sustained by the UK’s road users falling consistently for many years, the government is continuing to look into how the health and fitness of cyclists can be improved. Prime Minister David Cameron revealed in August that he intends to put Britain on a level-footing with the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and other nations with higher cycling rates, and on December 6th, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Robert Goodwill MP announced to the Cycling Networks Fit for Growth conference that he believes a two-pronged approach is required if the UK is to achieve this goal.

Birth Defects From Anti-Depressants

The role of medications in the anti-depressant family can vary and these drugs are not always used to treat depression – despite their name. Conditions which prompt a prescription for an anti-depressant medication include: depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorder, eating disorders, chronic pain, attention hyperactivity deficit disorder (ADHD), snoring, migraines, and certain hormone related disorders. With such a versatile role in the mental and physical health field, it is no wonder that 1 in 10 people take anti-depressants, according to NPR.org. When a woman conceives a child, what are her choices throughout pregnancy – can she continue to take anti-depressants safely? It seems like medical and public opinion change yearly about the use of anti-depressants during pregnancy and learning the facts may be the only way to make an educated personal decision on taking them.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Becoming injured because of another person’s wrongdoing or negligence is certainly a difficult ordeal. The effects can be devastating to your personal well-being and the lives of your family members. But it is always important to remember that you never have to suffer alone.

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