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Why Use a Personal Injury Calculator?

Let’s face it – when it comes to injuries, we don’t want to sit back and wait for someone to step forward and say “Yeah…my bad, dude. Not to mention that it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to step forward when they aren’t the injured ones.

Personal Injury Claims – General Overview

If you happened to have been inflicted with pain in any form, one way of getting adequate compensation is through personal injury claims. By sending personal injury claims, the negligent party is informed that they have caused you pain and suffering in some level and that you will be filing a lawsuit to have a proper settlement.

Personal Injury Settlements – Factors Considered to Estimate Your Settlement Amount

Personal Injury Settlements may come up as a bit confusing for you if you have no idea how to proceed through it. In a nutshell, personal injury settlements are the financial arrangements made between the plaintiff’s side and the negligent side. This is mostly represented by the plaintiff or his/her lawyer against the insurance company of the negligent party – common amongst personal injuries that involve a huge scope of damage.

Ten Ways to Help Tell the Story of Your Case

Helping the defense counsel, adjuster, mediator, and jury understand your client’s losses. You represent John Everyman, a fellow whose injury has affected the way in which he lives his life. Like many people, he is a nice fellow who is comfortable in his environment. His environment is not litigation. How do you help him present his story to the decision-makers?

Vibration White Finger and HAVS Advice

Vibration white finger and hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) are caused by prolonged use of hand-held power tools. This article provides advice for employees who are concerned about working with powered hand tools, the actions they can take to protect themselves from over exposure and how to make vibration white finger claims should they wish to pursue compensation.

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