NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 4 – Cont’d Cross Exam of Lauren Kanarek – Survived Shooting

How Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

When some people think of lawyers, bad thoughts may come to mind. That is because they are used to hearing about how these particular professionals are only out to get people’s money. Although this may be true of some lawyers, as in all other professions, there are some who actually provide a great deal of assistance to their clients.

Accidents In Hairdressing Saloons – You Can Make An Injury Claim

Just like any other job or occupation, being a barber or a hairdresser comes with its own risks and hazards. If you have been injured whilst working in a barber shop or a hairdressing saloon due to no fault, you may be entitled to make an injury claim.

Assaults At Work – Can You Make An Injury Claim?

An assault at work is any kind of physical violence against a worker, whether by a manager, patient, customer or colleague. Assaults at the workplace can leave the victim with physical injuries as well as psychological damage.

Injury Claims For Accidents Involving Warehouse Workers

There are a number of hazards and dangers faced by people who work in warehouses. Some of these hazards and dangers include tripping hazards, falling objects and forklift trucks.

Accidents In Trains – You Can Make An Injury Claim

Train accidents are not uncommon, and when they happen, they cause injuries to the passengers as well as to the drivers and other rail workers. Train accidents are often more serious than any other type of accident because trains are heavy vehicles and train accidents usually involve a large number of people.

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