NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 3 – Cross Exam of Lauren Kanarek – Survived Shooting

Road Traffic Accident – What To Do At The Scene

Having a road traffic accident can be very frightening and often drivers can suffer from shock in the aftermath. If you’re involved in an accident it is very important to keep calm and get all the relevant information at the scene so that your insurance company can handle your claim and get you back on the road quickly. Usually, the first person at the scene of a road traffic accident will be another road user.

Accidents At Work – What To Know

Every employer has a duty to protect their workers and inform them about the health and safety issues that may affect them. Employers also have a legal obligation to pay victims of accidents sick pay and report certain types of accidents and injuries.

Making Injury Claims Following Road Accidents

Most teenagers look forward to their seventeenth birthday. This is because when they turn seventeen, they are able to apply for a provisional driving licence. This means that they can start attending driving classes. Driving gives people a sense of freedom and the power to go anywhere they want.

Looking To Make An Injury Claim? Seek Legal Advice First

If you have sustained any kind of injury in a no fault accident, it is important that you consider making an injury claim. But, before that, you must seek legal advice from an independent injury lawyer.

Attacked By A Dog? You Could Make An Injury Claim

A dog attack can be a traumatic time for the family, especially if the attack involves a child. Although not very common, dogs can attack people and can be a threat to the members of the public.

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