NJ v. Michael Barisone Trial Day 2 – Arguments Outside The Presence Of The Jury

What Is a Negligent Security Case (Also Known As Inadequate Security or Premises Liability Case)?

What is a premises liability / inadequate security personal injury case? This article will explain the rational choice and routine activity theories of negligent security cases. A commercial (or residential) property owner may, in fact, be held liable if crimes committed on their property were foreseeable and preventable; if the property owner failed to take the appropriate crime-preventative action.

Accidents at Work – The Trade Union Referral Myth

Even in these days of an alleged “nanny state” accidents at work continue to occur on a more frequent basis then we realise. I have been a Personal Injury Solicitor for 11 years and in the last 2 years have been primarily dealing with accidents at work. I’ve been surprised, if not alarmed, at the number of negligence claims being pursued by employees against their employers due to the employers’ failure to comply with the strict regulations which are in place to ensure a safe place of work for us all.

Claim for Back Injury

If you’ve suffered from an untimely injury, in a predicament where it is not your fault you stand by law to be compensated. Read here to learn more.

The Importance of Social Security Disability Lawyers

Getting your social security work done is a real pain and the problems faced during rejection are really hard to get over. In such cases, social security attorneys would be able to help you overcome all these problems and win the case for you.

Accidents And Health Insurance Reimbursement Adding Insult To Injury

Health insurance requires individual reimbursed when injury or illness is caused by another. These are very complicated matters and catastrophic injury victims should always hire an attorney to represent them in their personal injury and health insurance reimbursement matters.

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