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Injuries To Factory Workers – Making An Injury Claim

If you are employed to work in a factory, then you already know how dangerous it can be to work in such an environment. In order to prevent factory related accidents and injuries, it is important that safety and health regulations are implemented and followed.

Accidents Involving Cranes At Work – Making An Injury Claim

Cranes are widely used in the UK as they are quite important in large scale operations. They are mostly used in construction and building sites, but can also be used in the mining industry, engineering industry, maritime industry and on oil rigs.

Injured As An Electrician At Work? You Could Make An Injury Claim

When we think about the hazards an electrician is likely to face whilst at work, one of the most common ones that comes to mind is electrocution. Electrocution or electric shock is a major risk faced by electricians, but there are many more which can cause injuries to them at their place of work.

Accidents Involving Refuse Collectors Can Give Rise To Injury Claims

If your job involves working as a refuse collector, you may be entitled to make an injury claim if you get involved in an accident due to another person’s fault. There are numerous ways in which refuse collectors can get hurt whilst at work.

Accidents Involving Shop or Supermarket Workers

Accidents in shops are quite common and just the same way that a customer who has been injured in a shop can put up an injury claim, a worker can also claim for compensation if he has been injured in a shop accident due to negligence. Workers can make personal injury claims if they have been injured in an accident that was caused by a co-worker or their employer. However, they will not be entitled to make an injury claim if the accident was their fault or occurred due to their own carelessness.

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