N v. Travis Reinking Murder Trial Day 3 – Court & Counsel Finalize Jury Instructions

Getting Legal Help for Your Serious Injuries

An accident resulting in serious injuries can forever alter your life. It can mean you aren’t able to return to work and you have a mountain of legal bills. There is also the issue of ongoing pain and suffering. Don’t just accept this as part of your life and go through the struggles.

The Right Personal Injury Attorney Makes a Difference

Don’t settle for the first car accident attorney you see in the search engines. You need to do your homework and make sure they have the expertise and the passion to help you.

Finding a Car Accident Attorney: What to Look For

When a person has just been in a car accident and suffered from one or more injuries, it can be a stressful time, particularly if the other person does not have proper insurance coverage. This can result in one big mess, and most individuals begin to look for an attorney.

Is There an Advantage to Settling an Accident Claim Out of Court?

Learn the key differences between going to trial and settling out of court for a personal injury lawsuit. A seasoned accident lawyer can give you all the proper and professional information you need for your injury claim.

The Hazards of Texting While Driving

Cell phones have become ubiquitous across the country. However, the increased power and speed of phones has lead to an increase in their usage… even by motorists while driving. This usage is hazardous for a variety of reasons.

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