‘Ms. Vasquez, Do You Want Me To Close the Shades?’, Says Judge Azcarate

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Work Place

Repetitive motion injuries threaten a person’s ability to complete their work. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome harm a person’s health and financial stability by limiting the work they are able to do. The National Institute of Health found that nearly 3 out of every 10,000 workers suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful condition results from swelling in the wrist that puts pressure on a person’s median nerve. The pain associated with this condition hinders an employee’s ability to do their best work.

Personal Injury Solicitors Give Your Claims A Personal Touch

You cannot safeguard yourself from injuries that happen for no fault of yours. It could be at your work place or while you are walking down the street to your neighborhood grocery store. They could happen to you while you are on a holiday or could be a minor trip and fall at home that could lead to a grievous injury.

When in an Accident, Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

We were in a serious car accident when I was a child. Our lawyer came to our rescue.

Settlement Documentary Top Ten Video Evidence Tips of the Year

Don’t put your audience to sleep. Keep your video short and punchy.

Injured? – Need Help Filing a Disability Claim? Ask a Qualified Lawyer

Have you been denied Social Security/Disability benefits? Many people believe that they can represent themselves in court; that is, until their first claim is denied. The fact is, that if you represent yourself you will rarely win. Seventy five percent of all Social Security claims are denied at the outset, and in the end most people will end up meeting with a lawyer anyway. To find out more about meeting with a lawyer, read “Need Help Filing a Disability Claim? Ask a Qualified Lawyer.”

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