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Pedestrian Accident Statistics

In an accident involving a pedestrian and a car, there is no question who will be injured more severely. Even in cases where the pedestrian mistakenly stepped into street, they are liable to be severely injured. Because of the danger cars pose to pedestrians, it is very important that both parties are aware of statistics about pedestrian accidents. Avoiding these types of accidents can keep both motorists and pedestrians safe on the road.

Chemical Damage to the Eye

Of all of the causes of single-eye blindness, accidents and trauma rank among the most common. With such common use of chemical components at work, around the house, and even at school, a chemical burn to the eye may not altogether be a rare problem. Chemical explosions from poorly stored liquids or leaks from poorly manufactured bottles can especially contribute to the possibility of suffering a chemical burn to the eye. Chemical exposure is also particularly high among industrial and manufacturing workers.

Car Accident Compensation Claim – What Can I Expect?

Don’t be intimidated by an insurance company. If you have been involved a traffic accident, find out what you need to get the car accident compensation due you.

Guardrail Safety Standards

The United States uses a particular system of safety testing before adding a piece of hardware to the country’s roadways. These devices are often rigorously tested before widespread use. Therefore, if a piece of safety equipment is placed on the road to reduce injuries, it is important that the safety device is proven safe and does not introduce any additional dangers in the event of a collision.

How To Choose An Injury Lawyer For Successful Results

When you need an Injury Lawyer most people want the best professional to handle their case. There are several considerations in locating the best attorney to represent claims for an injured client. Any lawyer can enter into court to defend accident cases in trial, however an Injury Attorney prepares for this specific type of legal representation.

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