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Different Forms Of Personal Injury Claims

In legal terms, personal injury is harm done to the body or mind, as opposed to property. A personal injury claim is a lawsuit that seeks to hold a party responsible for the injury. Responsibility is typically in the form of financial compensation.

Common Work Related Accidents That Can Give Rise To Work Injury Claims

One of the most common types of accidents that affect a large number of employees is slips and trips. Slips and trips can result in many different types of injuries. Mostly, the effect is not serious, but there are times, when employees end up sustaining serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries and deep lacerations.

Back Injury At Work – What You Need To Know

It is becoming quite common for employees to suffer back injuries at work. Back injuries at work are mostly caused by moving heavy object or lifting heavy loads. As an employee, it is your right to expect your employer to protect your health whilst at work and provide protection from risks that could result in injuries.

Suffered Repetitive Strain Injury At Work? You May Be Entitled To Compensation

Repetitive strain injury can affect numerous parts of the body, especially the upper body parts such as the arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and back. Repetitive strain injury occurs as a result of repeated physical movements and usually causes damage to the muscles, tendons, nerves and soft tissues.

Facts About Individual Injury Cases

If you have ever been injured and it was the fault of someone else you might have or may be considering legal action. There are some things you should know first before filing a lawsuit. The more you know about the process the more likely you are going to win.

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