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Insurance Is A Pain – Exposing The “No Crash No Cash” Myth

One of the most frustrating hurdles you face as an injury-attorney is the problem of low property auto damage cases. Insurance adjusters have been trained to flag claims with less than $1,000 in property damage for “special investigation”. They have been taught that these low damage vehicle collisions were unlikely to have caused any injury and as a result, must be handled as a potentially fraudulent claim.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Having the reassurance that you are protected by your employer in the event that an accident occurs is important. Though different for most states, if the company you;re currently working for has three or more employees, it is required by the state of Georgia for your company to provide workers’ compensation insurance to make sure you are protected. For a better understanding of how you are protected, review the following details.

The Basics of a Product Liability Claim

Product liability covers a broad field of cases. Here are the basic points, including types of claims, for product liability.

Hire a Good Slip and Fall Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Every day there are numerous personal injury accidents happening all over the world. A large percentage of those accidents are the result of someone being negligent about their property or employees behaviors. Many of those accidents could be prevented if the responsible party took more care with how well and efficiently their business and workers were managed.

What To Do In The Event Of A Road Traffic Accident

Information on what to do if you have been involved in a road traffic accident. It is important you know the exact procedure so you will not encounter any problems further down the line.

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