L&C Daily: LA Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer speaks out After Prosecutors Say Charges Won’t Be Filed

Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney To Negotiate Your Pain And Suffering Settlement

Negotiating compensation for pain and suffering can be difficult. A personal injury attorney can work with you to ensure fair treatment.

Accidents at Work Cost the British Economy 5.6 Billion Pounds

A report by the Health & Safety Executive estimates that the cost of injuries resulting from accidents at work on the British economy is in the region of 5.6 billion pounds each year. This article discusses what parties bare these costs of these workplace accidents and what these costs entail.

Do You Have a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Slipping and falling is an all too common accident and often there is an element of negligence which helped to cause the accident. If you are a victim and feel that you have fallen due to another individual’s or business’s negligence you may wish to consult with a slip and fall attorney who can make a proper evaluation of the case and see whether or not you may be entitled to damages. Having a legal consultation is the way to get the case evaluation you require, and may be helpful in your particular situation.

The Steps to Take After an Accident

After an accident these are the steps you should take in case you are involved into an accident. These include medical, legal and the police.

The Statistics of Car Accidents

Here are a few stats about being in a car accident. Every 12 minutes someone dies from a car accident. Accidents have shown to cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in some people…

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