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12 Steps to Follow If Someone Brings a Public Liability or Employer’s Liability Claim Against You

Big businesses, local authorities and other large organisations receive claims from their employees and the public regularly and have people and systems to deal with them. You may not be so lucky, and receiving a claim when you are not used to it can be confusing and stressful. If it is a motor claim you can probably rely on your motor insurers to deal with it, but if it is a liability claim here are some tips on what to do.

Don’t Be Put Off Making An Injury Claim By Insurance Fraudsters

Insurance and compensation fraud can be a problem, but those who behave illegally should not deter people with genuine personal injury claims from seeking justice. If you have been hurt and it wasn’t your fault you are legally entitled to find out about compensation.

Did You Know You Could Make A Claim For A Sports Personal Injury?

Personal injury claims could be made if you were hurt while playing or watching sport if negligence or irresponsible behaviour was to blame. If you think you are owed compensation you should talk to a legal expert to find out about your rights.

Will My Employer Fire Me If I Claim For A Personal Injury At Work?

If you have an accident at work you are legally entitled to find out about making a claim. Get expert help from a personal injury solicitor and remember that you cannot be fired for making a legitimate claim.

Claiming For A Personal Injury In A Company Car Accident

Company car drivers are entitled to make personal injury claims if hurt in an accident that was not their fault, just like any other motorist. Employers should not stand in their way or hinder the process, and a personal injury solicitor can handle the whole process.

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