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How Can You Make Work Injury Claims Successful?

Unfortunately, accidents at work are becoming common day by day. No workplace is safe from accidents. Employers are responsible to look after the workplace and the employees, during working hours, by complying with the laws of Health and Safety Executive.

The Most Dangerous Time of Day For A Car Accident

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous time of the day is to be behind the wheel of a car? The chances of being involved in an accident will increase as the number of vehicles increases on roads and highways. Rush hour, holidays, and seasons may also increase the odds of an accident. However, a large factor in motor vehicle accidents is related to the amount of alcohol impaired drivers on the road. Knowing the safest time to drive can help you plan your trips safely year round.

Practice Safe Pedestrian Behaviors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 40,000 pedestrians hit by an automobile each year. Over 4,000 pedestrians are killed. At some point, we are all pedestrians who utilize sidewalks, crosswalks, or roadways.

Escalators: How to Ride Safely and Avoid Injury

A recent news story of an eight year old girl whose foot became entrapped while riding an escalator at Macy’s reminds us all that escalators always pose a threat of injury to their riders. The young girl was riding with her mother when her foot became entrapped at the landing of the escalator. A bystander was able to turn the escalator off by pushing the emergency stop button, but emergency crews had to dismantle the escalator’s landing to free the girl’s foot.

Helping the Brain Injured Auto Accident Victim Deal With the Skeptical Insurance Company

This article discusses the challenges of the brain injured victim in getting adequate insurance compensation after a car accident where the CT scan and/MRI are negative. The typical problem arises when the accident victim, although showing signs of concussion, is released from the hospital to the care of their primary physician. The insurance company will take this as a sign of minor injury, despite the fact that the client suffers from traumatic brain injury.

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