KY v. Brett Hankison Trial Day 1 – Cody Etherton – Breonna Taylor’s Neighbor

Whiplash Pain or ‘Crying Wolf’

Whiplash claims are so very common now that companies are becoming wary of claimants perceived injuries. Whiplash has no visible signs but as any genuine sufferer will confirm the damage and pain caused can have far reaching effects. Apart from the physical treatment which in itself can be traumatic for some patients what level of scrutiny does psychological injury receive?

All You Wanted to Know About Winning a Substantial Accident Settlement

Everybody involved in an auto accident dreams about winning a substantial settlement. Quite obviously, such a settlement is their right. But just because it’s their right, doesn’t mean they get the settlement they deserve for their injury. The road towards an acceptable settlement is not easy and you need to know about the various things you need to get right, before you can even think of getting the settlement you want.

Liver Damage Due to Diet Aids

Diet aids have long been debated for not only their effectiveness, but also for their safety. Dating back decades, different products that hit the market have come and gone with various side effects and long term health complications. Today, with all the choices for weight loss on the market, it should come as no surprise that there are issues with safety and complications.

Got Food Poisoning? See a Lawyer!

Food poisoning cases are more common than you might think. According to the CDC, 1 in 6 Americans suffers from this public health problem each year.

Why a Quick Car Accident Settlement May Not Be in Your Best Interests

While every car accident claim is different, there are some common areas for reaching a settlement. A car wreck isn’t just about your totaled car, it can also involve other areas of your life for months, perhaps years. Car accidents often are traumatic and cause ongoing medical issues which may need years of treatment.

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